Monthly Archives: January 2008

My second attempt at correcting the easy stuff

So here I am still stuck at Step 3: Correcting the Easy Stuff. Frankly, if this is the easy stuff, I’m getting a little bit worried.

I haven’t heard back from Equifax yet. Hopefully that letter will be arriving in the mail soon. I’m curious about what Equifax will have to say about my name and address.

TransUnion did nothing. They sent me back a copy of my credit report with no changes from last time. The next day I got a separate letter stating that the name on my credit report simply reflected the name being reported to them by the creditors, and they couldn’t change it unless all the creditors starting reporting my new name. I called customer service to see if talking to a person would get me anywhere. The gentleman I spoke with wasn’t very helpful. He insisted that my old name was being reported by creditors and therefor couldn’t be changed by TransUnion. I said, “Who do you think knows my name better – me or some company I had a credit card from five years ago?” That accomplished nothing. So next I tried to get him to tell me which creditors were reporting my old name. At first he said he couldn’t tell me that, but then he finally said, “All of them” which I know is a lie as all of my credit cards, statements, and bills have my current name on them. I got nowhere fast.

It seems ridiculous to me that TransUnion insists on keeping an incorrect name on my credit reports even though I am able to prove with ID, social security card, and W2 that my name is incorrect simply because some random creditor is reporting an incorrect name. I’d think they’d be more concerned about their records being correct than that.

After my first attempt, all I got from Experian and Equifax was a request for more verification of my identity. This time Experian sent back another letter talking about the prevalence of identity theft and insisted that now they need a government issued identification and a utility bill, insurance, or bank statement to verify my account. Keep in mind that I’ve sent them a copy of my government issued identification twice now, along with a W2 showing my current name and address. It’s like a silly cycle of identity requests. I hope it eventually ends in my personal information on my Experian report being corrected. I’m afraid that if I send my government ID and say a bank statement, I’m going to get back a request for a Social Security Card or a W2, and nothing is ever going to be done. I don’t know if I’m comfortable putting so much information in an envelope and hoping it arrived safely. On the other hand, if I don’t, this seems likely to go on forever.