My First Attempt at Correcting the Easy Stuff

As mentioned in my Action Steps posted called “Step 3: Correct the Easy Stuff“, I sent off letters to all three credit agencies requesting that they correct my address and name information. Enclosed with each letter was a photocopy of my driver’s license and a photocopy of the Personal Information section of my report from that agency showing the incorrect names and addresses.

Within two weeks, I had responses from all three agencies.

Equifax and Experian both claimed they were unable to locate my credit file and have requested I send more information to help them identify me. Both say that in addition to a copy of my driver’s license, they need a copy of my social security card, a copy of a paystub or a copy of a W2. This is accompanied by large-size bold text about how the FBI has named identity theft the fastest growing crime in America. I guess I’m supposed to feel grateful that they’re protecting me.

TransUnion was a little more helpful. They were able to locate my credit file and correct my address, but simply listed my current name under “Other Names” with an incorrect name still listed as the main name on my record.

Final results from first round of letters:
Correct addresses: 1 out of 3
Correct names: 0 out of 3

Preparing and sending out a second round with all required information.

Patience. Persistence.

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