Progress on correcting the easy stuff!

I am the proud owner of three credit reports – one from each Credit Reporting Agency, and a few nice results.

Equifax – deleted all of my old addresses except, of course, my current address. They also corrected my name.

TransUnion – still refuses to update my name. I finally identified a student loan that’s still under my old name. I can only assume that this is the only tradeline reporting my old name. Does it make any sense to you with all other tradelines reporting my name correctly and me providing multiple documents proving my name that they refuse to change it based on one student loan account?

Experian – corrected my name, but didn’t remove a single old address, stating that the addresses were listed as reported by the creditors. How can a creditor be reporting an address at which I never lived, and in one case, an address that doesn’t even exist? They make this all the more frustrating by reporting your addresses in a separate section of your report from your tradelines, and there’s no way of knowing which creditor is reporting which address. Experian does say that if you contact them by phone they will tell you which creditor is reporting which address, which is more than TransUnion was willing to do when I called them about the same issue.

At this point, I’m happy with my “Easy Stuff” results with Equifax. Nothing more to do there.

I’ll correct my name on my student loan account and then contact TransUnion again to have my name corrected.

I will call Experian and have them match up addresses with creditors. That could take awhile as Experian is reporting <strong><em>32</em></strong> different addresses for me. Seriously. Who’s lived at 32 different addresses?

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