I am 33 years old. I got married when I was 19 and financed my college education by maxing out my student loans. We also lived well above our means by charging major purchases at furniture stores, department stores, loan agencies, banks, and on several different credit cards. At 25, my marriage fell apart, and was followed by a seven year messy, ugly divorce.

I remember seeing ads on television where a car dealer would proclaim, “No credit. Slow credit. Bankrupt. Divorce. We’ll give you credit no matter what.” And I always wondered, what’s divorce got to do with credit?

Now I know. Seven years of arguing over who owes what and who should rightfully pay what, what’s fair. And neither one of us making the payments in the meantime. Who can afford payments on the furniture he got to keep when you’re paying all those legal fees anyway? It makes for a big mess.

I’m cleaning it up now. And I’m sharing my experiences, mistakes, knowledge, successes and failures here so that everyone can learn.

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